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The Cost of Underprioritizing Mental Health

You do all you can to impact productivity, shape the culture of your organization as well as to ensure the fulfillment of each and every individual you lead. But while you’re trying to address all the challenges your team members face, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of mental health.

The cost of underprioritizing mental wellbeing is more than lost productivity, its:

  • low morale leading to disconnection
  • loneliness leading to isolation
  • stigma leading to feeling alienated
  • overwhelm leading to burnout
About Dr. Shahana,

Speaker Mother Healer

I know first hand the consequences of mental health. I felt isolated, I felt confused, I felt numb. When I realized that it was my responsibility to train my brain to lead a more fulfilled life was the day that everything changed

Evaluate and Improve Your Mental Well Being

The Optimal Health Pyramid is a unique framework for you to evaluate and improve your mental well being

Evaluation of your life through the OHP will allow your employees to:

  • Feel connected and understand that they are not alone in their struggles.
  • Feel acknowledged that they work for a company that puts value on mental wellbeing
  • Feel hopeful that they have a roadmap as to what areas in their life is in need of attention

I do this to have the conversations all of us want to be having but are too ashamed to do so. I want audience members to feel acknowledged/understood. I want them to feel like they can look at their entire lives not just the side them in business. I want them to know how to access help if needed.



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Shahana exudes empathy and it's through her deep understanding of the human condition that she's able to engage and educate the audience on how to live life with greater intention. Often drawing on her own personal journey, Shahana shares with her audience, in a light-hearted, humorous style, the transformative experiences that have shaped her as a mother, friend, and physician. As a result, we are able to relate to her struggles and triumphs as well as gather the pearls of wisdom she shares along the way.

Dr. Jacqueline P AshbyUBC

Dr. Shahana Alibhai is truly enthralling when motivating, educating and inspiring her audience. After attending multiple events with Dr. Shahana speaking, her confidence, high energy and clear passion for speaking really captivates those around her. Dr. Shahana consistently delivers positive, empowering and educational messages at every event I have attended and continues to amaze me while leaving her audience with an incredible and insightful impact at the end of every talk.

TEDx AudienceMember

Dr. Shahana Alibhai is a rare individual. She is an outstanding, compassionate, physician who weaves health and wellness education into the treatment of her patients, and is a valuable member of our team at Abbotsford Youth Health Centre, Foundry Abbotsford. She is also an exceptional speaker, and can engage an audience with her knowledge, stories, and words of wisdom around the importance of viewing medicine from a wellness perspective.

Dr. Elizabeth J. WattAbbotsford, BC

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