Optimal Health Pyramid

I am constantly humbled by my patients. I meet a lot of patients going through very difficult circumstances, whether it is a woman facing a new diagnosis of breast cancer or a young adult struggling with their mental health.

It was only after I became a patient myself struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression that I realized what the missing link was – you must optimize the mind first

I have dedicated my career to helping people “think better” and helping them understand what this even means

The Optimal Health Pyramid puts the focus on where it needs to be – your mental health 


Better health starts with a better mindset. How often do you even notice your thoughts? By learning to optimize your thinking and create a sense of connection with others you automatically will have the building blocks for better health


Your cognition influences your decisions – plain and simple. Once your mind is right you will start to see your physical health as a series of decisions you make that can either support or subtract from your health


Why are you doing this in the first place? Health has to mean more than something just physical or external; you need to ‘show up’ to something and that is exactly where you will find your sense of purpose 

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