I am constantly humbled by my patients. I meet a lot of patients going through very difficult circumstances. Whether it be a woman facing a diagnosis of breast cancer or an adolescence facing struggling with mental health, many of them face their diagnosis with strength and resiliency.

I also meet many patients who are tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. On the surface, there are often a lot of physical complaints -fatigue, headaches, abdominal pain or joint pain. It doesn’t take long to figure out that they are also dealing with multiple stressors whether it be toxic relationships, financial pressures, unfulfilling jobs or a general lack of support.

I’ve spent countless hours counselling patients to eat better and move more, yet it is very difficult to make a lifestyle change. I began to wonder why?

It was only after becoming a patient myself and struggling with postpartum anxiety and depression that I realized what the missing link was – you must optimize the mind first

This has led me to come up with the Pyramid of Optimal Health:

It’s not rocket science

 and it’s definitely not a magic pill.

That’s it.