On a recent encounter, a lovely patient of mine asked “What can I do to improve my diet?”

Immediately I looked up and as the patient told me later, my eyes “lit up”

I get pretty excited when I get asked nutrition related questions in the office because it’s really an opportunity to to talk about prevention


Rethinking your Food Groups

Growing up we were all told the important the four food groups and making sure our plates reflected a balance between these items. Does that mean we must eat whole grains at each meal? Absolutely not!


The New Food Groups

There are really 3 food categories that you must incorporate into your diets, the others are purely optional

These include:

  1. Fresh, organic when possible vegetables (notice I did not say fruit)
  2. Good quality protein: grass fed chicken or beef, fish, eggs or non GMO soy products
  3. Good quality fats: avacado, coconut oil, nuts/seeds

For example:

Breakfast: opt for 2 eggs with spinach and tomatoes topped with avocado and pumpkin seeds.

Lunch:  Mixed greens drizzled with olive oil, topped with a handful of nuts (cashews, almonds) and some left over chicken

Dinner: Zucchini pasta salad with canned salmon

I guarantee you, the more you can incorporate of these 3 food groups into each of your meals the fuller and more satisfied you will feel and the fewer cravings you will have