How Self-Acknowledgement Can Make Your Life Better?

Are you highly self-critical?

Do you always pay more attention to what you haven’t done than what you have?

You may think that doing so will help you work better and achieve your goals, but that’s not the truth.

Being self-critical can disconnect you from your inner self, making it difficult to trust your intuition.

So let me ask you one very important question.

When was the last time you acknowledged yourself?

Cannot remember?

Well, it’s not your fault. Most of us can’t.

And the reason is we tend to hide our accomplishments. But at the same time, we secretly crave acknowledgement, right?

And this is where we miss out on opportunities to build our self-confidence.

To boost our self-confidence, it’s essential to acknowledge ourselves.

I am not saying to go around and brag about every accomplishment. Rather, throw a light on your strengths and other amazing attributes.

Importance of Self- Acknowledgment

Improves Motivation:

We measure success with achievements. But we forget the small things we have achieved because we are so focused on the big things.

If we change our minds to celebrate small achievements, it can fuel motivation.

Trust me, you will feel like moving forward. It can also make you more aligned with your goals as well.

Enhances Confidence:

When we acknowledge ourselves, we feel more confident.

When we know that we have reached a goal, we will feel confident, even if it’s a small one. That’s because we know we can achieve more.

Self-acknowledgement allows us to see that we are skilled, hardworking and dedicated.

How to practise self-acknowledgement?

Reward your efforts:

When was the last time you treated yourself for your efforts?

Don’t wait for others to do it for you!
Pat yourself on the back and say, “Well done!”
Purchase something you have always wanted.
Allow yourself time to relax and read a book.
Anything that makes you happy, use that to reward yourself.

Don’t judge yourself:

As humans, we tend to compare ourselves to those around us.
But undermining our worth and self-esteem is not good.
Everyone is unique with their experiences, skills and qualities; comparison doesn’t make sense.
You don’t know what privileges the person you’re comparing yourself to may have had or lacked; it’s not fair to compare yourself to them when you’re so different.

Appreciate the good things in your life:

Take out time to notice how good your life is.
Did you have good food today?
Did you watch the series you always wanted to watch?
Did you buy that new dress?
Acknowledge yourself. Appreciate the choices you have made.
Appreciate the kindness you have shown to others.Appreciate that you have grown from the challenges you have faced.
Appreciate how far you have come.
Remember, you are the person who knows what it takes to make progress each day.
Give yourself the acknowledgment you deserve!

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