We do it, multiple times a day. In fact, most of us do it every 12 minutes

If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, it’s checking our phone

If you do the math that adds up to a staggering 80 times per day. Even if you are on the phone for several minutes each time this could easily add up to 1-2 hours on your phone daily that you are completely unaware of

As a family doctor I often see the aftermath of this. I see the neck pain and chronic headaches. The result of this is often frustration, irritability and low productivity. The consequences are worse in children who are exposed to this technology but often cannot express what is happening in their bodies as a result

If you must tune in, use these simple tips to keep you well

  1. Remember your posture: Check out this short video by TED Ed

    1. Watch this not that: In a recent podcast on “Mama Wellness”, billionaire and innovator Navin Jain talks about how him and his family watch TED talks daily. Typically 15 minutes in duration and on a variety of subjects, TED talks are led by experts in their fields that synthesize their research and knowledge to provide you with plenty of food for thought


  1. If you STRESS it you must STRETCH it: Poor posture puts undue stress on the body. Compensate for this by engaging in some simple stretches. Make these part of your (and your children’s) bedtime routine to decrease pain and help them wind down