A friend once asked me something – “Can you send me something to inspire me?” Sounds simple enough right?! 

You have a busy life. You take care of everyone else first and have become good at putting your needs on hold. You juggle activities and manage meals. You put out arguments and deliver comfort and advice on cue. This is the life of a parent with kids. This is your life

Welcome to the CEO of the House. Yes you are a CEO. Countless books have been written on how to become a more efficient and effective business leader but what about for the person that leads the house?  

Here you will find articles that will motivate, ground and maybe even inspire you. From practical tools like time management to strategies to improve your thinking, the “CEO of the House” will get you one step closer to the feeling of “I got this”.


Train your brain like you train your body

Negativity is contagious. Have you ever woken up in the morning in a particularly bad mood and wondered why your entire house feels like they are against you? Toxic energy has a way of seeping into everything including the people around you


The famous ASCH experiment shows the power of this very phenomenon. Simply put, subjects were asked to identify the shortest line on a series of cards. If they were surrounded by a group (of actors!) who selected the incorrect answer, the subject would change their answer to match that of the groups even though they clearly knew it was wrong


Life is similar. If surrounded by prejudice or bias in a group we often conform to these ideals based on the need to fit in


Watch this 4 minute clip and you will never forget the power of group think


Learn how to increase your productivity

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? A great time management strategy I utilized consistently when studying during medical school

Simply put set a timer for 25 minutes (can also be less depending on your task). Focus as hard as you card for this duration of time. When the timer goes off you will get 3-5 minutes of rest and then the cycle starts again. This simple ‘reset’ every 25 minutes allows your brain to refocus and re-engage




Want to be a better parents, a better spouse, a better boss - master the art of communication


The “Fast Food Rule” has changed the way I parent. A concept written by Dr. Harvey Karp, the “Fast Food rule” is simply repeating back what your child (or even spouse!) has just told you. This has been LIFE CHANGING for me and has shown me over and over again that what we ALL WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING is to be ACKNOWLEDGED.