The Pyramid of Optimal Health

Optimize. Understand where your mind is at. It doesn’t need to be perfect. By

recognizing WHAT you are feeling and identifying it you can create some much needed space between you and the emotional frenzy many of us get caught up in

In this module you will learn more about being in tune with your emotions, what we call “listening to your internal dialogue”. You will learn about the interaction between your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. You will understand common thinking traps or thought distortions that we all fall into, often multiple times a day and better yet, how to shift yourself into a more resourceful state

Here you will also find strategies you can use immediately when you feel flooded with emotions as well as lessons you can apply to decrease negative emotions in the long term

We will use this information to apply to your relationships as well, whether it be with your spouse, your children or even your parents. It isn’t surprising that the probability of you being able to achieve your goals is much stronger when you are surrounded by healthy relationships.