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Are you a rebel?

According to New York Time best selling author Gretchen Rubin, you might just be

In her new book entitled “The Four Tendencies” she describes four distinct personality types

Want to find out your personality type?

The most common subgroup is the Obliger, those that respond well to external expectations (ie a work deadline) but not so well to internal expectations (ie. losing weight)

Sound familiar? What’s the easiest way to challenge this tendency? Get some accountability! This means joining a book club if you want to read more or going to the gym with a friend that will call you if you don’t show up! It sounds simple but simple things often work the best.

Want to improve your relationships? We are surrounded by obligers, questioners, upholders, and rebels. Improve communication at work and at home by identifying the personality types of those around you. Have a questioner in your life? One sure way of getting something done is telling them not only what you need by WHY you need it. Have a rebel in your life? Simply present the facts and then back off. The more you remind them (or nag!) the less successful you will be.

Want to learn more? Check out Rubin’s “Nutshell Guide” to the Four Tendencies