Welcome to Dr. Shahana!

I’m a speaker, family doctor and mother of three energetic young boys.

I know the pressures many of us face – trying to be there for our kids, trying to push forward in our careers and at the same time doing it all with a smile.

Like many of my audience members, I also have a story.

I thought I knew the importance of eating well and moving more but after completing my residency in Family Medicine, the stressors of life caught up to me.

After the birth of my first son, I found myself deep into what I would later find out was postpartum anxiety, the lesser-known counterpart to postpartum depression.

With over 10 years of studying nutrition, exercise, and medicine I thought I knew what it took to keep me well…but I fell short.

The missing link for me was healthy thinking. I was used to sprinting through life and at this pace I eventually hit the wall.

I’ve come up with the Pyramid of Optimal Health because I needed to reframe the way I thought about health.

Here you will learn how the foundation of our health starts in our mind.

Here you will find honest, reliable information.

Here you will feel understood because so much of the time we simply don’t.

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About Dr. Shahana

Dr. Shahana Alibhai is a professional speaker, family physician and mental health expert.

She has worked with a multitude of organizations including the University of British Columbia, Scotiabank and Remax to help the audience gain more clarity into their mental health.

As a lead physician at one of British Columbia’s largest youth health centres, much of Dr. Shahana’s career is focused on those struggling with their mental health.

Her insights are highly sought after and she’s been featured in multiple major media including CTV and Global. She is best known for her “Emotional Literacy for Better Mental Health” TEDx talk and as a panelist at International Women’s Day.

Dr. Shahana is a master at blending her personal story of postpartum anxiety and the resulting shame, denial and mental health challenges with her professional background in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness meditation. Her candour, humour and refreshing honesty will shine light on a topic that is too often stigmatized and inspire authentic dialogue to keep the conversation moving forward.


Read what our clients have to say about Dr. Shahana

Dr Shahana's personal life and professional practice weave together to create a strength and story that is en encouraging and uplifting. She has a genuine passion for promoting mental wellness and emotional care.

Rachel CramHost of the Family 360 podcast

In a world filled with speakers, what makes one unique? Someone who speaks with clarity, backed with authenticity, who is approachable on and off stage... this is what you get when you invite Dr. Shahana to speak. As an audience member, you feel cared for, just as you would feel if you were her patient. She brings a passion to deliver a message rooted in her experience in health care, backed by science, but always given with real humility and humanity. If you get a chance to hear her, don't pass it up!

Dr. Holder ChowFamily Physician, Co-site director Abbotsford Family Medicine Residency Program

I don’t have enough words to explain the wisdom Dr. Shahana has to offer. The way she walks you through her knowledge of mental health struggles, leaves you feeling a little less alone and hopeful for the future. If you have a chance to work with Dr. Shahana please do not pass it up. It could be life changing.

Andrea SenftManager Community Partnerships. Abbotsford School District

I found the presentation from Dr. Shahana very informative. I appreciated her personal story which helped me relate to the topic of mental wellness. The quote, ‘Your brain is not designed to make you happy - you are’ made sense to me and gave me a sense of control. I would definitely attend more presentations by Dr. Shahana - I felt there was so much more to learn from her.

Sharon CrowleyLiteracy Matters Abbotsford

Thank you so much Dr. Shahana for your thought provoking and insightful presentation to the Abbotsford Child and Youth Committee (CYC)! I personally appreciated how you were so authentic and vulnerable in your presentation; it naturally led to connection to the content you were presenting and to you personally. I have no doubt that many of the CYC members took away tools and practices to apply immediately. Our gratitude for your time and commitment to sharing and making a community impact to empower others!

Shairose JinnahDirector of Counselling, Child, Youth and Family Services at Archway Community Services

Working with Dr. Shahana on the Treebark podcast has been an absolute pleasure. Dr. Shahana is truly an honest, open and incredibly knowledgeable healthcare professional. Our chat was candid and her willingness to share her own vulnerabilities showcases the passion behind her interests in mental health and finding ways to improve care outcomes.

Julia SlaniaFounder and CEO of Treehouse Medical

I find it hard to dedicate time for self care. When I attempt my own way of self care I find myself thinking of what I need to do next for everyone but myself. Shahana’s presentation helped me with techniques, strategies and new ways of thinking about self care and its importance. Shahana really opened my eyes to my true need for self care! I enjoyed Shahana’s self care presentation because it allowed me to focus on myself for that designated time and taught me that self care is so important. I care for so many right now from my children, to my parents and my in-laws due to health and aging issues and boy, just relaxing and having time to force myself to think about me really changed my whole rest of the afternoon!!!! Thank you!!

Janay FreeberryPhysical Education Instructor

We really enjoyed having Dr. Alibhai come out to speak with our agents at our annual office meeting on Health and Wellness. She is very passionate about Health and Wellness and cares about what she does. This was very apparent not only in her speech but in all the preparation she did before our meeting. She pointed out an issue we did not realize existed, which has allowed us to identify and correct issues in some problem areas. We have started to impletment items to help people get the tools and resources they need to help them change their mindset and which will allow them to grow and focus more on their daily tasks. Dr. Alibhai has been a great resource and has been a huge help in assisting us with locating the information, tools and resources required for our agents. She is amazing! If you are looking to book a speaker for your offices I would highly recommend Dr. Alibhai. You will not be disappointed.

Christina HawkesRealtor and Meeting Planner, Remax Little Oaks Realty

“Dr. Shahana (as well as Mum Shahana) is delightfully real! She speaks with a level of vulnerability that is super relatable and normalizing.”

The Mental Health Mamas

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